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Yoga touches all areas of life and is therefore a holistic system for the development and healing process of humankind and its environment. Starting with moral and ethical principles it reaches out to all aspects of human life such as nutrition, breath work (pranayama) and physical exercise (asana) up to development of an elevated consciousness via meditation and contemplation.

The purpose of the practice is to balance out the polar energies in our body and mind, ultimately resulting in health and inner peace.

With my clients I compose a yoga practice which is tailored to the individual constitution and health issues. An everyday home practice of about 20 minutes can initiate incredible health improvements.

Yoga is different each moment, depending on the physical and mental condition of the practitioner. It is this great variability that makes yogatherapy such a powerful therapeutic tool. As long as we can breathe we can practice yoga and in every life situation we can transform – moving from darkness into light.

Yoga is a path of experience, which can hardly be described in words. For me it is important to point out that also yoga is just another system / concept through which a higher intelligence is manifesting. God, higher consciousness, Brahman, universal love, the beauty of nature are essentially all just words pointing to the same “indescribable”.

To develop an authentic inner voice and mindfulness for the own individual yoga path, free of all dogma, is essential to really experience healing through yoga. Next to all the gratitude and respect towards teachers it is essential to rely on your own self-responsibility and strength as the main driving force for change. 

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Myoreflex-therapy is a manual regulation therapy, founded by Dr. Kurt Mosetter, which combines multilayer therapeutic approaches such as biokinetics, atlastherapy and the meridian system of the TCM.

By stimulating specific pressure points at muscle/tendon interface, muscular hypertension is being regulated and new neuronal pathways are being stimulated. In this therapy form muscles are not viewed isolated but rather as muscle chains or slings working together to perform movement. These muscle chains correspond mostly to the meridians described in TCM.

Through the regulating impulses of the therapist, the self healing power of the client is activated. A new body awareness and new movement patterns are re-opened; contracted and shortened muscles are being resolved. The manual treatment is being completed by KiD- Exercise (translated as strength in lengthening), reenforcing the treatment effect and leading into self-efficacy. Here we can see an overlapping transition to the practices of yogatherapy.

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Acupuncture is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has proven its effectiveness for thousands of years. By needling specific acupuncture points along the meridians (energy channels) blockades are resolved, pain can be reduced and a regulation process is initiated. The theoretic background says that our life energy (Qi) is circulating through an energetic network in our body which not only connects the acupuncture points but also the inner organs. If this harmonic flow is blocked, pain and disease can result. Acupuncture not only treats the local disorder but rather addresses the underlying dysfunctional energetic pattern of a disease.

Main indications for acupuncture are pain syndromes (back pain, knee pain, migraine etc). Apart from that many other disorders can be addressed like smoking cessation, nausea, susceptibility for infection, childbirth preparation. The highest effectiveness can be achieved by embedding it in an overall concept which includes constitutional nutrition and changing some everyday habits.

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Dr. med. Katharina Blittersdorf
Specialist in General Medicine

Since 2009 I have been working as a general practitioner in different hospitals and ambulances in Berlin. Next to my classical medical work I have been training for many years in complementary and functional medicine. It is my vision to combine the advantages of these two systems and bring them together for the best possible individual result.

I am a trained yoga therapist and myoreflextherapist. Additionally I have been intensely studying TCM. In my experience the combination of these 3 systems perfectly engage with each other and offer a wide therapeutic range.

Main focus of my work is the treatment of orthopedic disorders, psychosomatic distress (burnout, anxiety, chronic fatigue) as well as functional gastrointestinal conditions (irritable bowl syndrom, leaky gut, SIBO, food intolerance).

My deep gratitude goes out to my most important teachers and sources of inspiration: Dr. med. Günter Niessen, Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter, Ganesh & Indra Mohan, Patricia Thielemann, Dr. phil Savitri Braeuker, Pushava, LauraMalina Seiler, MD Zach Bush and last but not least my beloved wonderful family!

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Dr. med. Katharina Blittersdorf
Specialist in General Medicine

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